A Blind Kindness


Missing this shy yet heart-warming Balinese girl, as well as her generous Dad.

I met them while resting in a tiny village of Cagan, Gianyar. The Dad bought me coconut fruit he got by climbing its tree few moments before. His daughter stared quietly from the corner, slowly gave me a cute, shy smile.

This kind of human interaction that I miss the most when going somewhere. A crave for blind-kindness from someone I don’t even know.

Because when you’re going somewhere, you didn’t bring any title. No one even know who are you, how old are you, where are you come from. Where did you work, what position you fulfill.

They don’t see you as you. They don’t even need to know your name. Neither your religion, nor your belief. They will see you as a human being. As a soul, as well as God’s creation.

Because this is what I need, what I always crave. A sincere, honest kindness that came from generous hearts.

I don’t even know his name. Also can’t remember her name. And that’s why I always want to hit the road, over and over again.


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