Month: April 2014

In Front of Ka’bah


She held my hand and whisper, “Allahuakbar.” Tears started to fill those eyes, slowly pour down her cheek. She wasn’t young enough to do a full salat gesture, just like I did few minutes before. Her wrinkles shows it. But those smile made her kindness clearly seen.

She held my hand and took her nametag. Pointed at the flag picture, the country she came from.

Turkey,” I said. I took mine and said, “Indonesia.”

She smiled once again, held my hand tighter than before. Her right hand pointed at my chest, then straight to Ka’bah.

Your heart belongs there,” she said slowly, almost whispering.

I can feel tears falling down my cheek. The Turkish woman swept it slowly, genuinely, pointed once again to my chest, then to hers, before started to pray in Turkish.

Her tears pour heavily just like mine. Just after she pray, I did the same thing. Pray for both of us, in Indonesian, hope Allah gives her a long live and age, also a bunch of bless.

In front of Ka’bah, we held each other tightly. Neither know who she is, nor who I am to her. Everybody are just the same in front of Allah.

In front of Ka’bah, I felt a true peacefulness and realized one thing: it’s a place where thousands human being pray for others. A place to pray for strangers.

Just like the Turkish woman did to me. Just like I did to you, all Muslims from all over the world, to come and pray for others… In front of Ka’bah.


A Blind Kindness


Missing this shy yet heart-warming Balinese girl, as well as her generous Dad.

I met them while resting in a tiny village of Cagan, Gianyar. The Dad bought me coconut fruit he got by climbing its tree few moments before. His daughter stared quietly from the corner, slowly gave me a cute, shy smile.

This kind of human interaction that I miss the most when going somewhere. A crave for blind-kindness from someone I don’t even know.

Because when you’re going somewhere, you didn’t bring any title. No one even know who are you, how old are you, where are you come from. Where did you work, what position you fulfill.

They don’t see you as you. They don’t even need to know your name. Neither your religion, nor your belief. They will see you as a human being. As a soul, as well as God’s creation.

Because this is what I need, what I always crave. A sincere, honest kindness that came from generous hearts.

I don’t even know his name. Also can’t remember her name. And that’s why I always want to hit the road, over and over again.

In the Dark


I remember this place.

We always argue about who’s suppose to be in the left, and who’s the one in the right. There’s so much time to argue as arguing is the best way to spend time. Then you hold me and smile, whispering, we can argue about it next time.

It’s always been our favourite spot. For me, it’s the most beautiful place in the world. A place where sky meets the ocean, far far away in the horizon. Where the sand feels so soft and the wave sounds so instrumental. A place where the breeze smells like coconut leaves.

I could spend forever strolling down the seashore. Collecting empty shells, making sand castle. But in the middle of the making, I always distracted by the waves and suddenly go to chase them. You always be the one who finish it. The castle won’t be the same without you.

We holding hands, nothing to say. Until the sun almost set and I stand there quietly, asking you, will the sun rise again next morning?

That time I start to worry, you take me to this place. The safest one as far as you can see. Nothing fancy, you said, “But I promise to protect you.”

And there you go. You become a storyteller to distract me from sound of unseen waves. Making a bonfire to cheer me up. Hold me until I get slept, awake just before I’m awake. You’re always there, night by night.

In the dark, I always asked you who’s suppose to be in the left, and who’s the one in the right. There’s so much time to argue as arguing is the best way to spend time. Then you hold me and smile, whispering patiently, we can argue about it next time.