For (Not) Only Being A Traveler


I started to think, it’s not right anymore for only being a traveler.

I do like to go somewhere, I travel quite hard. But what I realized then, being a traveler wasn’t enough. I want more time, to know a lot more about the destinations. Not only strolling down into it, having conversations with the locals, tasting foods, or having a responsible journey.

The more I travel, the more I realize this. I found traveling is only become the way I get what I wanted. And what I want is not traveling; but to know and help people. To give more and doing something useful for them. Not only come and go.

Many kind of profession suits that. Archeologist, biologist, doctor, anthropologist, volunteer… I think I’m going to search one that suits me best.

Being in a rural area with the locals brought me unbearable happiness. Makes me grateful for every single piece, doesn’t matter our differences are uncountable.

So the beauty of a place itself, the richness, and the stories, are just a bonus.


  1. totally agree with you mba.. traveling becomes something that let me see that it’s not always taking, either for personal satisfaction or any other things, but also wanting to give back somehow, even just a little.. hope you’ll find whatever it is that you are looking for 🙂

    1. Aaaaa you know me so well mbak :’) senangnya ada yang berpendapat sama, feels that I’m not alone 🙂 semoga dirimu juga menemukan hakikat itu ya mbaak

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