Cycling Along Sukhothai Historical Park



I found it nice being alone in a tourist spot. Do you believe it’s a tourist spot?

It’s Sukhothai Historical Park, the main reason I came to Thailand few weeks ago. Couldn’t remember why I fell in love instantly while saw its photos, also videos from UNESCO’s website. It is a World Heritage Site, covering 193 temple ruins of Sukhothai Kingdom rules in 13-14th century.

It covers 70 square kilometres of land in Sukhothai City, 8 hours bus ride from Bangkok. The best way to explore the park is: riding a bycycle. You can rent it at guesthouses and main gate of the park.

You’ll find unexplainable joy by strolling along quite roads and ponds and roaring trees. It’s green everywhere. Purely green! Only few tourist came up to the park that day. Maybe because rain pours heavily, or only because Sukhothai is less-touristy.

Cycling along Sukhothai Historical Park, all alone, brought most happiness that day. The more far a temple, the less tourist I met. It’s pretty scary at first, but I enjoy most of the time.

There were Wat Sa Si, Wat Si Sawai, Wat Taphan Hin… And the astonishing Wat Mahathat, center of them all. In the most secluded temple, Wat Si Chum, there were only local people doing daily pray. I was so glad meeting them. There even a bunch of happiness seeing group of cows passing by.



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