A Small Town Addiction


You can choose a destination wherever you want. Some people prefer going to the beach for a white sand and bright sun and coconut trees, whether it’s famous or the so-called-virgin beach. Some other people choose a mountainous landscape with its fresh air and cold breeze. Great place to blend with nature. To go for a hike then wait for stunning sunrise.

Many travellers prefer going to big cities, or maybe capital of a country. I found it easy enough to stroll from one place to another, whatever the transportation. Going to tourist spots can bring many experiences. Even in the most touristy place, your experience will be different from others.

These big cities are time capsules. It will amaze you, how a civilization envolved and survived at the same time. A street you’ve just walked through could maybe also walked by the Emperor, or the King, hundreds years ago. You can see a proof of historical buildings existency, no matter how the city council preserve it. Whether it turns into Starbucks or Burger King.

But there are people who’d like to stay in a small town. A place to laid back. The less tourist you met, the more chances to blend with local. It’s also easy to go from one place to another, you can simply walk or hop into rented bycycle.

In a small town, the time stand still. While skyscrapers towering in big cities, you can only find maybe two or three-story buildings. Which means, you can see the big sky and nothing will ruin your sight beside roaring treetops.

Going to small cities woke up the human side of me. Many quiet places to think, quiet moments to talk with God. It’s a good place to know more about yourself. It’s good to know what you’re craving can be easily reach.

I am, and I will always addict to small towns. Or maybe it’s all about escapism, a place to ran out from your daily routines in a big city. You know where I work. That explains a lot 🙂

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