The Buddha is Walking


I never thought Buddha would be this skinny.

Plus, he made a gesture I’ve never seen before. He didn’t sit, stand, or lie down as famously sacred Reclining Buddha. This sculpture in Wat Sa Si, the second biggest temple in Sukhothai Historical Park, implicitly looks like a woman.

The Buddha is walking. He lifted his left hand. The right foot stood behind his left one. For me, it seems like Buddha also had feminine side. I was going to ask anyone, but only few tourist came to Wat Sa Si that day. So I kept this curiosity by myself, until I found the answer in Ramkhamhaeng National Museum.

Ramkhamhaeng is the first king of Sukhothai Kingdom, rules between 12-13th century. The museum, consist artefacts and comprehensive informations about that first kingdom in Thailand, lays right in front of Sukhothai Historical Park’s main gate.

There are 13 Buddha postures represented by sculpture worldwide. But only 3 postures famously known in Asia: standing, sitting, or lying down. These postures indicate a God-like, king-like aspect of Buddha. But, neither Gods or kings represent his earthy aspects.

Then, kingdom of Sukhothai presented new image of Buddha walking among monks. This walking gesture also represent Buddha for being closer to people.


So, if you see this Buddha posture somewhere, just remember it belongs to Sukhothai Kingdom. Maybe it can lead you to Sukhothai City. 8 Hours bus ride from Bangkok, 5 hours from Chiang Mai. 🙂


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