A Special Guide


It was raining when I stepped into Wat Mahathat. For some reasons I became impatient for exploring Sukhothai Historical Park, which is the main purpose I came to Thailand.

This park, covering 70 km2 area of land in Sukhothai City, consist more than 193 ruins of Sukhothai Kingdom. Wat Mahathat is the center of them all. It’s the most sacred, astonishing, bizarre temple established in 13th century. Sukhothai, along with Lan Na, are the oldest kingdoms in Thailand.

I putted myself under a raincoat.



As I started to explore Wat Mahathat, the rain became heavier. I don’t mind. Nobody saw me anyway. Sukhothai is a less-touristy place compared with Chiang Mai or the over-crowded Bangkok. In a moment I started to adore the huge Buddha statues and viharas surrounded by brick walls, lotus ponds, and moats.

I walked slowly, unblinked, trying to capture all details that carved in the temple. The camera works for a while, but I don’t want to harm it under a heavy rain. Then suddenly, something barks.

It was a black dog, stare at me from the aisle. It was some kind of spooky situation: I was the only one tourist in Wat Mahathat, under a heavy rain, surrounded by huge Buddhas and red-brick temples. At this point, the rain was getting heavier and the thunder wouldn’t stop yelling.

Can’t remember what I had in mind, I talked to the dog.

“What are you doing? It’s raining out here.”

I putted my face near him (it was a male). He blinked, then go to the opposite way. I didn’t move. He started to bark again.

“You want me to follow you?”

He barks, walked into the aisle, moved to another vihara. I started to follow him. He moved from one aisle to another, made a few turns, barks when I stopped. Then suddenly I realized that he’s guiding.

He’s guiding me.

He made me walk across more than 10 viharas, seeing all 28 Buddha statues including the giant two near the entrance. He patiently waited when I took pictures of chedi which adorned with beautiful stucco figures of lions, devils, and three headed elephants.





As he guided me exploring Wat Mahathat, the rain began to stop. The grey sky slowly dissapeared, replaced by a clear blue sky with dotted white clouds. The sun shines the temple and lush green landscape surrounded.

The black dog guided me back to the entrance. Still, none of tourist came to the temple at that time. He accompanied me walking to the bycycle I rented.

As I ride the bycycle, he looked at me. I smiled. I said thank you. He barks. I guess he said goodbye.





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