A Lonely Girl in Pajamas


Sunshine awakes me. The soil feel so moist, even the cold air feels like a warm hug. I open my eyes, slowly, what a beautiful valley. The sky is clear, sapphire blue with dots of floating white clouds. From behind them, there it is. The beautiful morning sun, smiling to a lonely girl in pajamas.

I found myself in the middle of green-yellowish valley. All alone as far as I can see. The morning breeze sounds like a melody, rustling with the sound of leaves. Barefoot, I started to walk.

Then I go faster. Faster. Faster. I smile when I run. Laugh while I fall. Roll down the valley, I feel the freedom.

I lay in the middle of falling leaves. I close my eyes, I feel the universe.

Something cold hitting up my nose. God! it’s giraffe’s nose. Just after kissing noses, she winks and smile at me. She had a long, thick eyelashes.

Pulling over her long-long neck, the giraffe keep staring as I still lying. She’s sitting there actually. I sat next to her, we’re staring at the sun.

Why did you came here? It’s been a long time,” she said.

It’s a calm, matronly voice that came up to my ears. I shook head, then asked her back.

What am I doing here?”

You need someplace quiet. A peaceful one.”

Am I dreaming?”

No, this place is in you. Everybody is a universe. They found anger, peace within themselves. So do you.

Can I come back?”

Of course, you choose to.”

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